Long-Term Academic Coaching

Great for…
• A student who has struggled in school on a recurring basis
• A student who works best with direct supervision
• A student who receives accommodations in school (e.g. 504 plan, IEP)

Program Overview

Goal: To help a student build and implement a learning plan that leads to success in school for an extended time. The learning plan includes aspects of study habits, executive skills, learning styles, and self-advocacy.

Student leaves with…
• Analysis of his or her current approach to school, including organizational systems, study strategies, study and work environment, self-advocacy strategies, and executive skills assessment.
• A structured plan to make tangible improvements in his or her day-to-day education experience.
• Confidence in his or her approach to school due to frequent feedback and working sessions with a coach.
• Self-correction skills learned through practice and repetition.
• The courage to self-advocate with teachers, counselors, and other school staff
• Recommendations for improvement in school that the student and parent/guardian can implement during and beyond coaching sessions.

Sample Schedule

Please note that the program outlined below is only a sample. All Denver Test Prep coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual student.

Prior to Session 1: Student and parent/guardian complete questionnaire.

Session 1: 90-minute home visit to allow the DTP coach to understand the student’s home learning environment and systems. Student and parent conversations. Goal-setting for the semester. Student leaves with one to two tangible next steps for improvement.

Between Session 1 and 2: Coach connects with teachers and counselor for background on student.

Session 2: Reflect on first week’s strategies. New strategies added if appropriate. Grades check.

Session 3: Study session for upcoming test: setting up the study plan and accountability structures, how to get quizzed before the test, and how to ask questions leading up to the test. Grades check.

Session 4: Executive skills session: reviewing organizational structures such as folders, notebooks, class materials; reviewing time management practices and how to stay focused; reviewing metacognition to ensure learning is solidified. Grades check.

Session 5: Reflect on progress, identify areas for continued improvement. Build a list of all resources available to support student in challenge areas. Grades check.

Session 6: Tweak and improve strategies. Reflection on which strategies work best for the student and which strategies are less effective. Solidify strong strategies. Eliminate ineffective strategies from the coaching program. Add new strategies if appropriate. Grades check.

Session 7: Self-Advocacy: helping student advocate for himself or herself in school. Review of goals and grades check, compose emails to teachers, schedule times to talk to teachers about improving grades.

Session 8: Build a prep schedule for final exams and review study strategies. Grades and missing assignment check.

Session 9: Study session with coach, including quizzing student on test topics.

Session 10: Semester 1 reflection: close out Semester 1, including some time with parent(s)/guardian(s) to ensure alignment. Student and coach reflect on strategy effectiveness and solidify which strategies the student should revisit when school gets challenging.

Short-Term Academic Coaching Sample Program
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