Short-Term Academic Coaching

Great for…
• Preparing for a challenging exam (e.g. final exam, AP exam, standardized test)
• A strong student who is facing new challenges in school
• A student transitioning to a new grade level or to a new learning environment

Program Overview

Goal: To assess a student’s current approach to school and to help the student create a personalized learning system that leads to student ownership and improved grades.

Student leaves with…
• Analysis of his or her current approach to school, including organizational systems, study strategies, study and work environment, self-advocacy strategies, and executive skills assessment.
• Recommendations for improvement in school that the student and parent/guardian can implement during and beyond coaching sessions.
• A structured plan to make tangible improvements in his or her day-to-day education experience.

Sample Schedule

Please note that the program outlined below is only a sample. All Denver Test Prep coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual student.

Prior to Week 1: Student and parent/guardian complete questionnaire.

Session 1: 90-minute home visit to allow the DTP coach to understand the student’s home learning environment and systems. Student and parent conversations. Assessment of organizational systems. Goal setting. Student leaves with one to two tangible next steps for improvement.

Session 2: Reflect on first week’s strategies. Comprehensive review of which strategies worked and which did not work. New strategies added and ineffective strategies removed from the program.

Session 3: Tweak and improve strategies. Analysis of strategy implementation. Coach and student discuss why certain strategies work and build a plan for continuing those strategies in pursuit of student’s goals.

Session 4: Reflect on progress, identify areas for continued improvement, and finalize strategies that student and parent/guardian can implement and tweak over time.

Long-Term Academic Coaching Sample Program
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