Do you want to be in control of school instead of school being in control of you?

Students face barriers throughout their education. These barriers are different for each student, and sometimes students need the advice and support of a top-notch academic coach to help them knock down these barriers. Denver Test Prep works one-on-one with students and takes a whole-person approach to help students develop and strengthen the skills needed to become a successful learner.

Academic Coaching will help you…

  • Improve your grades.
  • Study more efficiently for quizzes and exams.
  • Get organized and manage your homework.
  • Advocate for yourself.
  • Become a better learner.

Our Coaches and Approach

  • Customized to meet your needs.
  • A whole-person approach.
  • Top educators with years of coaching experience.
  • Flexible scheduling and no long-term contract.
  • Available from 9am-10pm, 7 days per week.