Executive functioning skills are essential for a student to successfully navigate through all of their years in school. With these skills, students are able to regulate their behavior, make decisions, and set and achieve goals.

Strong executive skills will support an individual in all school and work settings. Our executive functioning coaches in Denver CO will work closely with students of all ages to develop and foster these important life skills.

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A student with weak executive skills might…

  • Have an unorganized backpack or workspace.

  • Lose papers often.

  • Make careless mistakes.

  • Be unable to set a plan for completion of a long-term assignment.

  • Exhibit emotional outbreaks.

  • Forget about their homework.

  • Have trouble handling stress and anxiety from a test or game.

  • Lack flexibility when plans are changed.

  • Have difficulty maintaining attention in class or when completing a chore.

  • Struggle with time management.

  • Have a hard time holding information in memory as they complete a task.

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A student with strong executive skills

  • Begins projects with a plan and without procrastination.

  • Has organizational systems in place and never loses an assignment.

  • Can thrive in a stressful situation or when anxious about a test.

  • Is self-aware.

  • Can recover quickly from disappointment.

  • Has goal-directed persistence.

  • Is able to think before acting.

  • Can maintain attention even when bored.

  • Can remember instructions after hearing them.

  • Is flexible when plans are altered.

  • Has control of his/her emotions.

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“DTP is 100% the best investment we have ever made in our children’s educational life. Our coach’s kind and focused approach has allowed our younger daughter to excel in ways she never thought possible. Seeing our daughters achieve their goals and overcome obstacles has been a complete joy, all due to the professionalism and dedication of the team at DTP.”

Emily H.