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Denver Test Prep’s expert math tutors help students to master math skills ranging from long division and fractions to advanced topics covered in high school math courses such as Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

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  • Graduated from a highly selective college or university.
  • Trained specifically to help students learn math in a one-on-one setting.

  • Available from 9am-10pm, 7 days per week to meet at your home or another location that is convenient for you.

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Our Approach

  • Careful matching of each student with a tutor that fits his or her academic requirements and personality.

  • Customized study plans that are continually adapted to meet the evolving needs of the student.

  • Emphasis on teaching study techniques and organizational skills that position the student for long-term academic success.

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Math Tutoring Programs

While we have experts on our team that can help with almost any K-12 math course, some of our most commonly requested courses are described below. We also regularly work with families to create math enrichment programs for students that are ahead of their classmates and “catch up” programs for students that have gaps from earlier math courses. Our math enrichment programs often focus on a combination of advanced math topics and real world applications. For example, previous math enrichment programs have included a focus on currency exchange rates for a student moving to Europe, managing a professional basketball team for a sports fan, and creating a horse training business for a horseback riding enthusiast.

Elementary School Math Tutoring

Denver Test Prep tutors provide students in all elementary grade levels with math concept support and instruction. This includes concepts taught in younger grade levels such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and factoring. Our elementary math tutors also help students to tackle more advanced topics such as decimals, percents, basic algebra, and geometry.

Pre-Algebra Tutoring

Tutors help students build a strong foundation of basic algebra concepts needed to ready them for the rigors of Algebra I and II, including algebraic expressions, exponents, functions, and statistics and probability. Students will master key concepts and formulas such as the slope-intercept form of a linear equation (y=mx+b), Pythagorean Theorem, midpoint formula, and distance formulas. Read More…

Algebra I Tutoring

Denver Test Prep Algebra I tutors help students to master key concepts of algebra, including linear functions, applications with statistics, and abstraction and critical thinking in mathematics. Students will learn to apply these concepts to real world situations through word problems, and tutors place a heavy emphasis on helping students to build clear and well organized systems to visually show their work and self-correct when errors are made. Read More…

Geometry Tutoring

Denver Test Prep Geometry tutors help students build a strong foundation of all conceptual levels of geometry, as well as provide students with knowledge about the language of geometry, properties of parallel lines and congruent triangles, special polygons, inequalities in triangles, and similarities. Students will master proofs and key formulas necessary to measure area, volume, circumference, and other calculations that regularly show up on standardized tests. Additionally, tutors will help students master broader skill sets such as visualization, analysis, and both inductive and deductive reasoning. Read More…

Algebra II Tutoring

Denver Test Prep Algebra II tutors help students master essential algebra II concepts and topics such as linear and quadratic functions, equations, coordinate geometry, slope, inequalities in one variable, rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, conics, systems of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, and logarithmic and exponential functions. Series, sequences, matrices, and probability will also be covered. Read More…

Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Denver Test Prep Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus tutors help provide students with a strong background in functions such as working with polynomial, trigonometric, transcendental linear, quadratic, absolute value, radical, rational, and logarithmic. Students will become comfortable with the unit circle, solving trig problems involving both degrees and radians, and identifying when to apply trig functions to word problems. Tutors also may help students master advanced concepts such as vectors, matrices, polar coordinates, sequences and series, derivatives, and integrals. Read More…

AP Calculus AB Tutoring

Denver Test Prep AP Calculus AB tutors help students master key principles of calculus such as derivatives, limits, integrals, and the applications of basic calculus such as related rates, optimization, and curve sketching. Read More…

AP Calculus BC Tutoring

Denver Test Prep AP Calculus BC tutors help students to review the fundamental principles of calculus and master single variable calculus. Tutors also help students to go beyond entry level calculus and to build a foundation for more advanced work. Topics covered include derivatives, limits, differential equations and infinite series. Read More…

Why do I need to learn math?

Math is a critical skill and focus of study for many college majors. Students who master mathematics concepts in high school and score well in math sections on standardized exams are more likely to be accepted into their university of choice and be successful in certain majors and courses of study.

College graduates with advanced math skills also have higher paying job opportunities available to them. For example, professionals in careers that require higher education math skills include pilots, engineers (aerospace, chemical, electrical, marine, mechanical, nuclear, etc), medical physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, economists, programmers, federal judges, attorneys, stockbrokers, and senior corporate executives.

Not interested in these careers? Math skills are still essential in everyday life. For example, people use math to calculate appropriate tips at restaurants and to determine the economics of buying versus leasing a vehicle. People with strong math skills typically do better financially throughout their lives because they tend to make stronger investment and savings decisions. Math skills are also critical when buying a home and determining mortgage rate and down payment options, as well as inflation history and risks.

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Algebra II

“I really liked that my tutor helped me to develop my own pace, but challenged me to increase my stamina in answering questions. In a sense, my tutor helped me feel comfortable with myself when prepping, which in turn helped relieve the nervousness that I often feel when taking tests and ultimately resulted in an improved overall score.”

Kofi B.