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Denver Test Prep trigonometry and pre-calculus tutors help provide students with a strong background in functions such as trigonometric, transcendental linear, quadratic, absolute value, power, square root, exponential, rational, and logarithmic. Students will become comfortable with the unit circle, solving trig problems involving both degrees and radians, and identifying when to apply trig functions to word problems. Tutors also help students master essential concepts such as vectors, matrices, polar coordinates, sequences and series, derivatives, and integrals. Our tutors are also experts at helping students to prepare for the Math I and Math II SAT Subject Tests.

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  • Careful matching of each student with a tutor that fits his or her academic requirements and personality.

  • Customized study plans that are continually adapted to meet the evolving needs of the student.

  • Emphasis on teaching study techniques and organizational skills that position the student for long-term academic success.

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What topics are covered on the Math II SAT Subject Test?

The SAT Subject Tests are a series of one-hour exams offered by the College Board. SAT Subject Tests are offered on the standard set of SAT test dates. However, not all SAT Subject Tests are offered on all dates. SAT Subject Tests are required or encouraged by a limited number of highly competitive colleges and universities. Most schools that require these tests ask students to complete 2-3 exams. For students that excel at math and have completed trigonometry and at least part of calculus, the Math II Subject Test is a popular choice. A summary of concepts tested on the Math II SAT Subject Tests is copied below.

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  • Probability, regression, standard deviation, mean, median, mode, and range.

Number and Operations

  • Proportions, ratios, complex numbers, elementary number theory, matrices, vectors, series, sequences

Algebra and Functions

  • Inequalities, equations, expressions and a variety of properties and types of functions including logarithmic, exponential, rational, linear, polynomial, piecewise, and trigonometric.

Geometry and Measurement

  • Trigonometry: equations, SOHCAHTOA, law of sines, law of cosines, radians, degrees, right triangles, special triangles, identities, and trigonometric equations.
  • Coordinate: symmetry, parabolas, lines, circles, elipses, slope, midpoint, transformations, and translations.
  • 3d: Surface area, coordinates in three dimensions, and finding volume of cylinders, prisms, pyramids, cones, and spheres.

“I really liked that my tutor helped me to develop my own pace, but challenged me to increase my stamina in answering questions. In a sense, my tutor helped me feel comfortable with myself when prepping, which in turn helped relieve the nervousness that I often feel when taking tests and ultimately resulted in an improved overall score.”

Kofi B.