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Denver Test Prep is committed to offering customized one-on-one tutoring programs and small group courses to nonprofit organizations that serve disadvantaged youth.

For organizations that prefer to deliver tutoring programs using their own staff or volunteers, we also offer staff training programs.

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Programs for Nonprofits and Schools


Access Opportunity invests in high-potential, low-income students, from high school through college, so that they can have impactful careers and lead change in the lives of individuals and communities. By providing personalized services, support, grants, and career opportunities, we ensure that talented and motivated students have the tools to succeed.

Partnering with high schools in the greater Denver Metro area, we identify students for our program and start working with them in 10th grade. Through our academic advising and tutoring, our students average cumulative GPAs increase by .12+ points and our average ACT scores are raised by 4+ points.

All our seniors are accepted to 4-year colleges. Through our financial aid and scholarship advising, as well as a $10,000 college scholarship we provide each student, our students only owe $2,170 per year of college, on average, out of an average college cost of $59,087.

Once in college, our students transition to a career development program characterized by networking, job shadowing, and internship opportunities. Throughout our students’ time with us, we also focus on our Family Engagement program, to partner with families on their students’ success by providing educational workshops and other resources. Please visit our website for more information.

Our Partnership

Starting in January 2018, Denver Test Prep will provide small group ACT courses to all Access Opportunity 11th graders. Students will take the April ACT and will also have the opportunity to continue for more tutoring towards the June test.

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College Track is a national education nonprofit that empowers students from underserved communities to reach their dreams of a college degree. Our mission is to close the achievement gap and create college-going cultures for students who are historically and currently under-represented in higher education.

We actively engage students over the course of eight years, from the summer before high school through college graduation. Our students join College Track with limitless aspirations and we provide them with a comprehensive program and encouraging learning environment that empowers them to succeed. 100% of our seniors graduate from high school, more than 90% are admitted to a four-year university, and 75% of our college students are currently enrolled, or have graduated from, college (whereas, nationally, the college graduation rate of low-income students is 22%). Over 85% of our students will be the first person in their family to earn a college degree.

To learn more about College Track, please visit their website.

Our Partnership

For the past two years, Denver Test Prep has provided small group ACT courses and individualized tutoring to all College Track juniors. The 9-month program begins in September and concludes after the official state-wide ACT held in April. Last year, the 50+ students participating in the College Track program achieved a median increase of 4 points on their ACT composite score.

The “I Have a Dream” program is a long-term and year-round program that works with the same group of children from their elementary school years through college. One-hundred percent of the Dreamers are low-income: they either live in low-income public housing projects, or they are eligible for the federal free and reduced lunch program at their school. “I Have a Dream” does not pick the “cream of the crop” or the children most “at risk.” Every project casts a broad net, giving each child, regardless of ability, an equal opportunity to achieve his/her academic and career goals.

Our Partnership

In the fall of 2014, Denver Test Prep provided ACT prep training to I Have A Dream staff members that ran their in-house ACT prep program. The program was further supported in the spring of 2015 with a limited number of targeted ACT prep sessions delivered by Denver Test Prep staff to help supplement the in-house test prep program.

Impact360 (I360) is an after-school college access program for underserved students in Denver Public Schools. Its mission is to ensure socioeconomic status does not define a child’s future. I360 promotes academic, athletic, and personal growth for students from low-income families through a program that includes academics, health & wellness, and life skills. Participants join the program in 6th or 7th grade and remain in the program through their post-secondary endeavors, participating in over 425 hours per year of program activities across the school year and summer months with I360.

To learn more about Impact 360, please visit their website.

Our Partnership

Denver Test Prep helps Impact 360 students to prepare for standardized tests through 1-on-1 tutoring and group programs. We have helped students to prepare for the ACT, SAT, and private high school admissions exams, including the SSAT.

Minds Matter is a three-year program that begins in a student’s 10th grade of high school (after a rigorous recommendation, application, and selection process as 9th graders).

Minds Matter offers its students a combination of individualized mentor support, group instruction & college summer programs to provide students with the resources, information and guidance they need to gain admission to, enroll in and graduate from four-year colleges with scholarships. Minds Matter students join our program as sophomores in high school and receive the following during our weekly Monday sessions:

Individualized mentor support: focused support from two dedicated mentors every Monday throughout the academic year. Mentors and students build strong relationships and work together to help achieve the student’s academic and personal goals through the college selection, admittance, and financial aid processes.

Group academic instruction: in-class instruction focused on intensive writing, critical-thinking, and ACT prep from a third party partner.

Summer enrichment programs: opportunity to attend two rigorous summer academic programs at top-tier institutions to explore their educational interests.

To learn more about Minds Matter Denver, click here.

The Challenge Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps smart, ambitious, and hard-working students break the cycle of poverty through education opportunities. Challenge takes a whole-student approach, awarding tuition scholarships and individualized support services to low-income students. From sixth grade, at a college preparatory school, and continuing through college, we see the big picture: the potential in our scholars and their dreams of higher education, the impact they will make in their communities, and the way that giving back to the world is a privilege we should all strive to earn.

To learn more about The Challenge Foundation, please visit their website.

Our Partnership

Denver Test Prep helps The Challenge Foundation to prepare its students for the ACT through 1-on-1 tutoring and small group programs.

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