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Denver Test Prep’s expert writing tutors help students to develop and master the skills necessary to succeed at the elementary level through advanced college courses. Our team of writing tutors are particularly experienced in helping students to succeed at AP and standard high school courses in literature and thesis writing.

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  • Graduated from a highly selective college or university.
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Our Approach

  • Careful matching of each student with a tutor that fits his or her academic requirements and personality.

  • Customized study plans that are continually adapted to meet the evolving needs of the student.

  • Emphasis on teaching study techniques and organizational skills that position the student for long-term academic success.

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English and Writing Tutoring Programs

While we have experts on our team that can help with almost any K-12 or college English and writing course, our most commonly requested courses are high school courses, including Honors and Advanced Placement level courses, such as World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, and Thesis Writing.

World, American and British Literature

Denver Test Prep tutors help students master an understanding of a variety of literary genres and time periods covered in World, American and British Lit courses. Instruction includes the study of literature, thought and philosophy in various time periods and locations. These time periods, and the literature introduced to students, can vary from school to school and course to course, so our tutors develop an individualized plan of study that meets each student’s needs. Tutors help students to sharpen their awareness of language and their understanding of the writer’s craft. An emphasis is placed on helping students to understand ideas and expressing them orally and in writing, particularly for themed research papers.

Thesis Tutoring

Denver Test Prep tutors help students to advance their writing experience and skills to that of a collegiate level. Tutors develop individualized study plans aimed at sharpening a student’s analytical and research-based writing skill sets to help students hone their proposed ideas, theses, and research projects.

Critical Reading on Standardized Tests

In order to be successful on the critical reading section for standardized tests, it is important to identify different reading question types and to apply the appropriate strategy to each question. A sample of three common question types that show up on standardized tests and a brief summary of the appropriate strategy for attacking these questions is copied below.

Main point
o Your answer must describe the main point of the passage as a whole.
o Beware of trap answers that describe a key supporting point, but not the overall main point.
o Look at the 1st and last paragraphs for clues.
o Answer this question last after answering other specific questions if you aren’t confident about the main point after your initial reading.

o These questions ask you to ONLY go 1-2 small steps beyond info that is explicitly stated.
o Don’t create a novel! If you have to create a lengthy explanation to justify your answer choice you’ve gone too far.

Not/Except Questions
o These questions ask you to find the answer choice that does NOT appear in the passage.
o Search for the first two answer choices and then cross off the first one you find. Search in that area and cross of the remaining choices until only one answer choice is left.
o The reason to search for two answer choices is that the one that is correct can’t be found!

Why do I need to study English?

Students who master English and writing skills in high school are more successful in college, as many collegiate level courses require thesis writing and research projects. College level courses also require students to be able to express ideas and arguments, both written and orally. English helps students acquire skills that make them competitive in a variety of careers such as law, finance, journalism, counseling, political science, and communications. Additionally, English and writing courses help students develop and master critical thinking skills, the ability to recognize and respect alternative points of view and the power of oral and written persuasion.

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“My tutor was extremely responsive and always available to adjust his method of teaching to best meet any difficulties I may be having. I have worked with other tutors and my tutor from Denver Test Prep exceeded all others with regard to his approach and his easy going but serious attitude that rubs off during the tutoring session. If you want an effective and enjoyable tutoring experience you should use Denver Test Prep.”

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